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Car Title Loans

DineroMax is the number one car title loan company, we have help thousands of clients in California, Arizona and New Mexico get the cash that they need and no matter why they need it. Our car title loans program can get you approved within minutes. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can go to our office.

We also do car title loans in Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, Idaho and New Mexico.

We will get you the quick cash that you need.

Our auto title loan program will use the equity that you have in your car. Our car title loan application process is fast and easy!

If you have bad credit, that will not stop us from getting you the car title loan that you need.  We will be using the equity that you have in your car. We are an asset-based lender and not a credit based lender, so if you have poor credit, we will still help you.

We will use the equity in your car to see if you will qualify for a title loan with us. Our car title loan calculator will be able to determine how much money we will be able to give you. We will try to give you the max on your title. Our pre-approvals are effective and efficient, so we can get you the money quickly.

How Do Car Title Loans work with DineroMax?

Our process is a simple process. First, you need to apply online or over the phone to see if your car will qualify with us by checking the KBB for the wholesale value. After we have approved your car, then we will need to get you to qualify.

Once you have filled out your complete application or we have taken it over the phone. Then we will do a credit check with Experian. It is not a problem if your credit is poor.

Our top quality title loan program will get you the best title loan for you.

  • We will have to verify how much money you earn. We will need your bank statements or your paycheck from your employer. If you cannot provide them because you get paid in cash, then we will have to have notification from the employer, stating your income.
  • We will have to have proof of your residence, so your lease agreement, mortgage statement or mail going to your home address with your name on it.
  • We will ask you to give us 5 personal references.
  • We will need to contact all of the references.

If you have insurance we will need to contact them and add our name to the policy. If you do not have insurance, we have some agencies that we work with who can give you a quote.

We will also speak to the DMV to see if there are any outstanding fees due to them. If there are, we will take care of them with your title loan money. Once this process is done then you will go to one of our local offices, so that you can pick up your money.

The process is really easy. Our car title loan calculator approves more applications than the other lenders; we make it as easy as possible for you to get your money. Dineromax is the best title lender. We get you more money and faster than the rest. We have offices everywhere near you.

Apply today

Our car title loan program is a simple easy process.

  1. Fill out our application on our website or we can take your application over the phone at 844 242 7467.
  2. We will get all of your information on your car. We will need the year, make, model and if there are any added features to the car we will need to list them as well as taking photos to prove that they are in the vehicle.
  3. We will need photographs of the front, back, interior and the odometer of the car, so that we can see the overall condition.
  4. We will use Experian to do a credit check. Remember bad credit is ok with us. What we like to see is that you pay your creditors, even if you have bad credit.
  5. We will need to have a copy of your title and registration. We will check with the DMV to see if there are registration fees due or any other items that need to be paid so that we will be able to add our name on the title as the lien holder.
  6. We will also add our name to your insurance policy as the loss payee. This way if something happens to your car, the insurance company will pay us and you will not be financially responsible to repay your title loan.
  7. We will verify the 5 personal references that you provide to us.



Find out instantly that you got approved!

When you contact DineroMax our approval process is very fast, so you will find out very quickly how much you will qualify for us.

Using a car title loan to cash that you need is a very fast and easy.

Our interest rate is better than the other title lenders and also much lower than a payday loan.

When you get a car title loan from DineroMax you will be getting a loan with our no prepayment penalty plan. So when you have the money to pay us back or you want to trade in your car, then you can do so whenever you want and there will be no penalties applied to your account.

You must make your payments on time so you will not have to pay the late fees. When you are paying late, it makes it much harder to pay off your car title loan because less money in your payment is going to the principal balance. So we always ask our clients to please pay on time but if you could pay early, that would be the best. You will save a ton of money on the interest that you will be paying for your auto title loan.

Why Choose Us? How Are We Above the Rest?

We will get you the cash that you need that same day. The only reason it will not get funded that day is if we are waiting for documents or verification from you. We will get you the best rates. We will beat the competitions interest rate. We will be able to get you more cash than the other companies. With our car title loans, you will be able to still continue to drive your car. We have multiple locations, so we make it as easy as possible for you to get the cash that you need.

Our title loan terms are very flexible. They are usually 24 to 36 months. Sometimes we can extend the terms but that depends if it is a large dollar amount so we can try to lower the monthly payments.

DineroMax works with all types of credit types. So if you have bad credits that will not stop us from helping you get the cash that you want.

So if you want to get the most cash and the lowest interest rates, and then choose DineroMax we are the title lender that is here to help you !

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